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Petro-Data Inc. is a software company that has been selling and supporting software for Petroleum Distributors for over 25 years.  Our flagship product, The Complete Jobber , is filled with features that address the needs of a variety of Fuel Distributors.

Our specialized product, The Fuel Jobber,  was derived from The Complete Jobber and it has features that are tailored to one type of Fuel Distributor, The Direct Delivery Fuel Jobber.

In the last 8 years, many of our new customers were convenience store owners who had become newly minted Fuel Jobbers.   These Jobbers asked for specific features and we added these features to our software one customer at a time until the sytem was robust and complete. 

We feel like The Fuel Jobber is the only product of its kind that fully addresses the needs of the  Direct Delivery Fuel  Jobber and at a price well within the budget of every Jobber.

Fuel Jobber Software Features

Fuel Jobber Software Support

  • Rack Price Control and Download
  • Special Price and Email Quotations
  • Credit Cards with Download and Email
  • Customer EFTs and Email
  • BOL Entry with Billing (DTN Download)
  • Fuel Purchase Entry (DTN Download)
  • Vendor EFTs and Reconciliation
  • Recurring Billing (POS Fees,etc)
  • Federal and State Fuel Tax Reporting
  • General Ledger and Financial Statements
  • Accounts Payable with Bank Reconciliation

  • Fast Startup including importing your existing data files and creating the master files.

  • On Line Training at a pace that is compatible with your schedule.

  • Continuous support provided by experts in the industry.

  • On going software updates as industry regulations continue to change.