Petro-Data Inc.

Software for Petroleum Distributors for Over 25 Years

Petro-Data is a software company that has been creating and installing software for Fuel Distributors for over 25 years.   Though we continue to upgrade and support our full featured product, The Complete Jobber, we have created The Fuel Jobber to fill a particular niche in the Fuel Distribution Industry.

In the past,  we have seen the consolidation of many smaller fuel distributors into larger  companies as  bigger Fuel Jobbers acquired smaller distributors.   In the last 5 years a new trend has developed.   We are  getting many inquiries from small startup Fuel Distributors who are also in the convenience store business.   So  during this time we have fine tuned our existing Complete Jobber Software System to meet the unique needs of the small Direct Delivery Fuel Jobber.  The Fuel Jobber system has all the features they need at a price they can afford.  And success is guaranteed with complete training and support.

Though we do not actively sell convenience store software, we are more than willing to interface to existing C Store Systems and we have several interfaces already in place.   So we are more than willing to partner with other Software Companies whose customers also need a full featured Fuel Jobber Software system.   If you are a software business who knows the Fuel Industry and are interested in our product then please contact us .