Petro-Data Inc.


Software for Petroleum Distributors for Over 25 Years

We have listed the features of our Software so you can determine if the software fits your needs. 

Below is detailed information on the different modules of The Fuel Jobber software System.  The price for the basic system which includes email, Rack Price Import and Credit Card Import. BOL and AP download are optional.   The basic system is  $12,995.00. 

Rack Prices

Rack Prices control customer pricing,  calculate cost of sales, and ensure the vendor is charging correctly.  Racks can be imported form DTN or from files saved from the Fuel Supplier WebSite.  You can print a daily rack price report or a history report for a range of dates.
Special Fuel
You can define a customers markup, freight  calculation, and automatic line item charges.  Freight and Freight Surcharge being the most popular other charges.   Special Prices can be emailed daily to the customer.
Credit Cards
Fuel Supplier Credit Cards can be entered manually, downloaded from DTN, or imported from Fuel Supplier Files.  They are posted to AR and GL.   Credit Card Receipts can be printed or emailed.   You can print 1099K forms at the end of the year.
Customer EFTs
Draft Notices are automatically created based on due date and can be modified before emailing to the customer.  Drafts include invoices and credit cards.   Drafts interface to both AR and General Ledger and are treated as a big cash receipt.
BOL Entry and
and Billing
BOLs are entered and assigned customers for billing.  Import BOLs from DTN can be added as you grow.  Prices and taxes are calculated and split fees and other charges can be added.   Once invoices are created, they can be emailed to the customer.   This module interfaces to AR and GL.
BOLs are matched to the vendor purchase to ensure the vendor is billing correctly.   Other vendor charges can be calculated automatically if need be.  Purchases are then posted to Accounts Payable and GL.
Vendor EFTs
Invoices and credit cards are easilty selected  brought into the EFT.  Other charges, discounts, and charges backs can be entered as well.  Upon completion,  the credit cards are marked as reconciled, AP invoices are paid, and GL transactions created.
Fuel Tax
BOLs and Invoices are retrieved to print out the various schedules required by the Federal Government and your State.  There are some EDI modules available for some states.  Sales and Purchase Audit reports are available to be used in Audits.
Petro-Data interfaces to the Customer Web Portal by PDS.
Accounts Payable offers check writing, Bank Reconciliation, and reports.
Financial Statements can be generated monthly with a variety of options.